Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Lives Lately...

 Summer is going to be over before we know it--it's August, I mean seriously?! We've had some fun adventures so here's a recap and pictures of some of the events.

At the end of June, Brynleigh, my mom, and I took a road trip down to California for my oldest and dearest friend, Sunnymarie's, wedding. 

Brynnie on the drive down to CA being a ham with her new sunglasses.

Sweet little flower girl!

All the bridesmaids and the beautiful bride (really though, isn't she gorgeous?)

Love her. We've been friends since kindergarten!

Sunny had these cute shirts monogrammed for each of us to get ready in.

Me, Sunny, and Corina, my other friend from our kiddie days (and the genius matchmaker who introduced me to that stud I'm married to :)

 Brynleigh and I had a swimming date together over in Lava. She's a little fish. After the pool, we went and got ice cream. Little Girl loved it.

We've been working on potty training. Bryn knows all her potty words and tells me when she poops (TMI? Sorry) so we picked out her very first big girl undies--Dora, of course. She insisted on carrying them around the rest of the day. But when it came time to actually wear them, she went through 3 pairs before 9am. So, we're trying a different route. We're just taking it slower and I am trying to convince her that the potty is better than diapers.  I know she understands the concept, she's just so dang stubborn. 

 We went raspberry picking! There's a place in Blackfoot we found last year and loved, so we went back for more this year. And made some yummy jam!

 Attempting to take a cute picture at the raspberry patch. But it was super windy and the child didn't want to this is as good as it gets.

Last weekend we went to the Stoddard family reunion at Downata Hot Springs. We rented a cute yurt there for the night. Brynleigh refuses to sleep anywhere but her crib, so it was a rough night for us all. Above is a picture of her laying down for about 2.5 minutes and watching a movie. Then she spent the rest of the night climbing over us in bed and head-butting us while laughing hysterically. 

Sleepy girl after a day of swimming at Downata. 

A couple of days ago, this sweet girl fell headfirst down the stairs and gashed up her nose pretty good. It was her first bloody nose, and was pretty swollen, so naturally I freaked out and wanted to take her to the ER. We didn't, and luckily she was just fine and woke up the next morning looking much better. 

Silly girl started yelling "Snake!" and hissing the other night while we were all outside. Again, I freaked out and frantically started searching for the snake in our yard. Turns out, it was just a slug that confused Brynnie.  Love that girl.

 Today, Sterling & I went with the Young Men (Sterling is the 1st counselor) to the Ogden Temple open house. It is SO dang pretty on the inside. 

And I'll leave with a picture of this cute girl playing at the playground across the street from our house tonight. She climbs up and goes down the slides all by herself now. Can't believe my baby is so big!

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