Monday, October 27, 2014

Reflecting on my baby

I just made the mistake of going back through my old blog posts from when Brynleigh was a newborn. Ohhh my goodness. When did my baby get so big?!



^^ How cute is this little person?! Seriously. 

She counted from 1-10 today. Not even joking. She knows her full name. She can tell you what sound just about any animal makes. And we converted her crib into a toddler bed a few nights ago.

The first night she woke up at 4am, wandered out of her bedroom and made it into the dining room before she got lost in the dark and decided to sit down and call for me to come find her. She finished the night out in our bed ("The Big Bed"). Last night, she fell out of bed but went back to sleep pretty easily once I came and tucked her back in.

She's been refusing to nap in her own bed though. A couple weeks ago I let her nap with me in the Big Bed because I was sick, and now she insists on only napping there. So, I guess I'll just take advantage of the fact that my toddler basically forces me to nap with her. Plus, I get lots of 'nuggles.

I know I already said this, but she is smart. So, so smart. She catches onto concepts and I have no idea how she even knows them. And she's hilarious. Everything she does is so funny. And she knows it. And she uses that to her advantage. Little stinker.

But really, she's the most perfect little person. I want ten more of her.