Thursday, December 25, 2014

Baby boy!

The news is out, baby #3 is on his way! I wasn't planning on announcing quite yet, but my in-laws have been getting a lot of questions about whether I'm pregnant (this belly makes it pretty obvious) so we decided that Christmas would be a good time to let the news out officially. Hopefully now I'll stop catching people staring at my stomach in church ;)

I'm just about 15 weeks along. Baby boy's actual due date would be June 20th, but since I had a classical cesarean with Brooklyn, my doctor wants to schedule this c-section for 36ish weeks to hopefully avoid me going into labor on my own and risking rupture. So that puts us at the end of May for meeting this guy!

We got the results back from our cell free DNA testing (checks for genetic disorders) at 12 weeks and found out that this baby appears to be perfectly healthy! We still are at a small (less than 1%) risk for uniparental disomy 14, since the test can't check for that, but we're in the clear for Down Syndrome so we're feeling pretty good about things. I'm still of course paranoid about everything, but I think it'll be that way until this baby is in my arms and healthy. The test also was able to tell us the sex of the baby, so that's how we found out so early!

The pregnancy has been going good so far. Some nausea, lots of fatigue, and tons of headaches, but it really could be worse. My belly has been huge since day 1. Seriously. People started asking if I was pregnant at 8 weeks. At my last appointment, my doctor was blown away by my growth. He said he couldn't believe my uterus had grown so fast and that I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead. I started feeling little kicks about a week ago. I can't wait for them to get stronger so we can see them from the outside! That's my absolute favorite part of pregnancy.

We're really just feeling so so blessed. Since we are at such a high chance of losing the baby with each pregnancy, it's been such a relief knowing that this baby appears to be problem-free, and that we've been able to make it to where we are! In the early weeks, I was on constant edge expecting to miscarry. When my doctor called to tell me we're having a healthy baby boy, I started bawling and couldn't even talk. Then I called Sterling and bawled some more. Then I called my mom and bawled yet again. I'm just so happy to be carrying this sweet little boy and am so excited to meet him. We're just praying for this pregnancy to continue going so well and uneventful!


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to hear that your healthy baby boy is coming!!!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!